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Money Talk

Tips and Tricks to help you make better decisions and live your best financial life.

Mortgage Signing
Navigating the Mortgage Process

The loan process may seem like a daunting task but we’re here to make it as easy and as stress-free for you as possible.  Each borrower has different needs and circumstances, so we designed our loan application to not only collect important and needed information but to also provide you with an instant and customized list of items you will need to collect and provide. 

photo person holding pen
Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Questions Answered

Thinking about an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and if it's the right choice for you? Is there more risk associated with an ARM? What are the advantages of an ARM? Read our blog to learn more and the factors to consider when taking out an ARM.

Young people sitting outside smiling
5 Tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It may seem like common sense on how to live a healthy lifestyle but that's not always the case. Life gets in the way and we don't take the time to slow down and connect with others, get in a good laugh, or just do some inner reflection. In this post, I provide five tips on how you can incorporate some beneficial habits into your life. 

Someone grating cheese over a bowl of pasta
Food Plans that Promote a Behavioral Change

In this post we are going to discuss three food plans that encourage a behavioral change in the way that you eat rather than the elimination of any particular food group from your diet. In addition to losing weight, all of these plans reap healthy benefits. 

Handlebars of Indoor Bike
Choosing an Indoor Bike

So you are in the market for an indoor bike - which is quite a popular item at this time and with good reason! Many of the bikes are not just about cycling but also include strength training videos yoga, pilates, etc. There is a great selection to choose from depending on your budget and what you are seeking. In this post we'll review a few indoor bikes, including the Peloton. 

Man hugging his pillow while sleeping
What are the Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is not just about beauty. There are many factors that come into play when you do not get enough sleep. In this post we will discuss the benefits of getting a good night's sleep and how it can affect you physically as well as mentally. 

Woman holding a laptop looking stressed
My Top 4 Tips to Managing Stress

We all live with a certain amount of stress in our lives but do you realize the toll it can take on you mentally as well as physically? As part of our Getting Fit - Physically, Mentally, and Financially series, I will discuss four steps that you can take to manage stress and lead a more productive lifestyle. 

Laptop with coffee setting
How to Create a Daily Routine in 5 Steps

How do you get yourself organized to start a new day? Do you have a routine that you follow? Is it working for you? As part of our Getting Fit, Physically, Mentally, and Financially series, we will discuss 5 steps you can take to create a daily routine and help you utilize your time more effectively with less stress. 

Teaching Your Kids About Money - Part 5: The Business of YOU

Writing this series "How to Teach Your Kids About Money" really got me thinking. For one thing, I realized how little my parents taught me about managing money, and it's no wonder I did some dumb stuff in my 20's and even my 30's.

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