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Money Talk

Tips and Tricks to help you make better decisions and live your best financial life.

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Do I Need an Emergency Fund and a Rainy Day Fund?

Q: Do I need to have a separate rainy day fund and emergency fund? 

A: Some people like things simple. Just remember, rainy day funds and emergency funds serve different purposes. Find out why both rather than one might be right for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Your First Apartment

If you’re in the market for your first apartment, you may be feeling a little lost—and more than a little overwhelmed. How do you get started? What should you be looking for in an apartment? How do you check out a building? 

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6 Steps to Avoid Pet Scams and Getting Your Heart Broken

You’re in the market for a furry new friend! You’re getting all gooey-eyed thinking of that small, wet nose, those big, droopy eyes, and those happy, frisky barks. And the online ad you’ve seen for an adorable little puppy makes you believe that dream is well within reach—and well within your budget. Watch out for this scam that has been on the rise in 2020

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What You Need to Know About Inheriting an IRA

No one likes to think about what happens when a family member passes on, but it’s best to plan for the financial repercussions of a death in the family long before the time comes.

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Why Do I Spend So Much When Shopping Online?

Q: I’m really trying to stick to a budget this holiday season, and I’m doing most of my shopping online. It should be easy to stay on track, so why am I constantly going over budget? 

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Your Complete Guide to Identity Theft Protection

Did you know there were 14.4 million victims of identity theft in 2018? According to Javelin Strategy, each case cost the victim an average of $1,050 – and that’s only the cost in dollars. When an individual’s identity is stolen, the thief wreaks major havoc on the victim’s financial health, which can take months, or even years, to recover from.

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How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car in 8 Steps

These 8 simple steps will get you literally on the road to buying a pre-owned car without making mistakes than cause buyer's remorse later.

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Credit Card Management Tips

Many people enjoy using credit cards in their daily lives for a variety of reasons. Some feel that carrying a credit card is safer than carrying cash. Using these tips can ensure you're getting the most from your cards.

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Stimulus Checks, the CARE Act and Retirement Accounts

This post is from the first set of Stimulus checks, but as we know, more stimulus checks and additional benefits are anticipated. Be prepared to manage income, changes to the CARE  Act and retirement accounts in these troubling times.

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