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Private Student Loans

Clear guidance and flexible college funding solutions

It's an uncertain world. Many families are facing difficult decisions when it comes to paying for a college education. MIT Federal Credit Union provides guidance and flexible solutions. A certified private student loan from MIT FCU is a line of credit for undergraduate education. The convenience of a line of credit allows you to apply once, then make multiple draws throughout your college career. An annual credit review is performed each May in order to authorize future draw requests.

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Student Loan Refinance

Take control of your student loan repayment!

Refinance and consolidate your private and federal student loans (including PLUS loans) into one manageable loan, setting up one convenient payment and potentially lowering your rate.* With rates at historic lows, this could be an ideal time to refinance your student loans and could help you pay off your loans faster.

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Student Loan Resource Hub

The process of applying for, receiving, and coordinating student loan funds is a complex one. Our partner, Student Choice provides some clear tips and explanations to assist you as you go through the process. With information ranging from college planning during the pandemic to advice on negotiating with a college for more financial aid, our hub is full of helpful, relevant information.

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Flexible College Funding

Apply now, borrow later. We know that determining your fall college funding needs may be a challenge. Don’t worry – with our private education line of credit, we’ve got you covered. Even if you’re unsure of the college, you’ll be attending or the exact loan amount you may need, you can establish your private education line of credit today. Then, once you finalize your plans, you can come back to request the exact funding you need.

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Personalized Support

Our College Access & Repayment Counselor can provide personal, one-on-one consultation for all your financial aid questions. Whether you’re a parent, high school student, or college graduate entering loan repayment, our counselor can walk you through the necessary steps to make smart decisions about paying for college – and beyond.

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Tuition Assistance Loan

Are you taking a course that's being reimbursed by your employer? Our Tuition Assistance Loan can assist you in meeting your educational goals.

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Check out our Student Loan FAQs below:

Student Loans

* Subject to credit qualification and additional criteria, including graduating from an approved school.

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