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Money Talk

Tips and Tricks to help you make better decisions and live your best financial life.

hispanic woman shopping online surrounded by boxes and bags
Why Do I Spend So Much When Shopping Online?

Q: I’m really trying to stick to a budget this holiday season, and I’m doing most of my shopping online. It should be easy to stay on track, so why am I constantly going over budget? 

man behind id numbers
Your Complete Guide to Identity Theft Protection

Did you know there were 14.4 million victims of identity theft in 2018? According to Javelin Strategy, each case cost the victim an average of $1,050 – and that’s only the cost in dollars. When an individual’s identity is stolen, the thief wreaks major havoc on the victim’s financial health, which can take months, or even years, to recover from.

bull dog riding in car
How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car in 8 Steps

These 8 simple steps will get you literally on the road to buying a pre-owned car without making mistakes than cause buyer's remorse later.

credit cards with a wallet
Credit Card Management Tips

Many people enjoy using credit cards in their daily lives for a variety of reasons. Some feel that carrying a credit card is safer than carrying cash. Using these tips can ensure you're getting the most from your cards.

young woman looking troubled
Can I Buy a House When I'm Paying Off a Student Loan?

Q: I graduated college with a huge student loan debt. Since then, I’ve landed a decent job and I’ve been making steady payments toward paying down my loan. Is it possible for me to buy a house while I’m still paying off this debt?

young people with credit card
How CARD Act Affects Young Adults

Credit cards are a great tool—as long as you’re smart about using them. Credit cards act as an interest-free loan if you pay for the purchases in full when the bill comes due. It’s when you pay only the minimum balance—or stop paying altogether—that your problems can start to add up. So how do you stay in control of your credit to stay in good financial shape—both now and in the future? Come to one of our seminars, schedule one for your office, department or company, and use the documents linked below to get started with credit the right way.

kids unwrapping a present during the holiday season
It's that time of year again -HOLIDAY SEASON!

The holiday season brings joy and happiness. It can also bring on stress and cause financial difficulties leading up to and well after this special time of year. Tackle a variety of holiday finance challenges while keeping things under control and the worry at bay. 

calculator, money and budget book
Budgeting Basics: Our Top 5 Tools to Help

What is a budget? 

Investopedia defines a budget as a financial plan for a defined period, normally a year. Personal budgets are extremely useful in managing an individual’s or family’s finances over both short and long term. Having tools to help with that can get you started on the right foot!


5 Things I wish I knew before I bought my first house and moved my family during a pandemic

Buying a first home can be exciting, but buying a home with a small child, during a pandemic can add some unique challenges. But it's very likely these 5 steps will be useful no matter when you buy that first home.

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