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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Loans
The only fees associated with an MITFCU private student loan are a non-sufficient-fund...    [Read More]
Yes. With automated payment and 48 consecutive monthly on-time payments,...    [Read More]
Yes, in order to fund the loan, both the student and the co-signer need...    [Read More]
You can apply 24/7 at or by calling toll-free...    [Read More]
The amount of your private loan should be based on the cost of attendance...    [Read More]
Providing incredible convenience, a line of credit allows you to apply...    [Read More]
With our online application, downloadable credit agreement and fax-back...    [Read More]
No, but having one is highly recommended and may be necessary for you to...    [Read More]
NO! Unlike almost all other private student loans, which often feature...    [Read More]
No. You can pay off your MITFCU private student loan at any time, even...    [Read More]
Yes! By choosing automated payment during your repayment period, you will...    [Read More]
The minimum loan amount is $1,000. The maximum loan amount (throughout...    [Read More]
While you are in school, you have several options: Full deferment of principal...    [Read More]
All requested draw amounts are certified by your school. During the certification...    [Read More]
Like a federal student loan, an MITFCU private student loan is meant to...    [Read More]
Once you’ve been approved for a loan, download an application kit...    [Read More]
Private student loans help students fill the funding gaps that federal...    [Read More]
The MITFCU private student loan interest rate is extremely competitive....    [Read More]
Students must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree or certificate...    [Read More]
You are eligible if you attend almost any four-year public or private non-profit...    [Read More]
Students attending a Community College or for-profit school are not eligible...    [Read More]
1. Fill out the FAFSA online at Please note that even though...    [Read More]
A certified private student loan from MITFCU is a line of credit for undergraduate...    [Read More]

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