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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Report FAQs
Yes, but it depends on what kind of inquiry and who is reading your credit report.    Inquiries...    [Read More]
Credit card features Buy now, pay later. Widely accepted substitute...    [Read More]
No. There are three main national credit-reporting agencies—Experian,...    [Read More]
It’s possible. Identity theft is making it increasingly important for...    [Read More]
Fill out the dispute form that’s contained in your credit report, or write...    [Read More]
By law, you can request one free credit report a year from each of the three...    [Read More]
If you and your spouse held joint accounts, a divorce decree doesn’t change...    [Read More]
Longer than you might expect. Usually, negative information can stay on your...    [Read More]
Good news! Positive information could stay on your credit report forever.&n...    [Read More]
Don’t panic. By law, you can get a free copy of your credit report within...    [Read More]
A poor credit report may keep you from buying a house, financing a car, getting...    [Read More]
Your credit report includes information about outstanding loans, debt repayment,...    [Read More]
It’s a record of how you’ve paid bills like your rent, cell phone,...    [Read More]
Visa and MasterCard from various issuers are the two most widely used credit...    [Read More]
Only those who have a legitimate business reason to view your credit report....    [Read More]
Your credit report can be the key to your new home or car, or what prevents...    [Read More]
Because it’s estimated that more than half of all credit reports contain...    [Read More]

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