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Moving your money is easy with e-Branch

Internal Transfers and External Transfers

To transfer funds between your MIT FCU accounts, utilize the “Internal Transfers” function within e-Branch and mobile banking.  To transfer funds between your MIT FCU accounts and accounts you own at other financial institutions, use the “External Transfers” dashboard within either e-Branch or the mobile app.

When you wish to send funds to friends and family, whether or not they have an account with MIT FCU, you’ll want to use “Person to Person” (P2P).

We make getting your money where it needs to go both easy and secure – plus you’ll have an online record of activity within your Account History.

With MIT FCU, you have options:

  • Internal Transfers – Transfer money from savings to checking to accommodate that trip to the grocery store
  • External Transfers – Transfer money “to yourself” from other financial institutions
  • Person to Person (P2P) – Repay money borrowed from a friend

Read our MIT FCU Funds Transfer Agreement now.

International and Domestic Wires

Receive money or send money anywhere in the country or the world.

  • Incoming wires - $10 (Please note that the originating institution may also charge a fee)
  • Outgoing wires - just $20 for domestic, $35 for international.

Just fill out the appropriate online authorization form, either Domestic Authorization or International Authorization and you’re ready to send money safely and securely. Read more about receiving incoming wire transfers to your MIT FCU account and how to initiate outgoing wire transfers now.

ACH (Automated Clearinghouse Transactions) for paying bills (creditors)

Allow creditors to withdraw payments from your account. Set up one-time or recurring payments specific to those creditors! If e-Bills aren’t an option, consider ACH transactions to get your money where it needs to go!

Payroll Direct Deposit

Sign up for direct deposit of your payroll, pension, or Social Security. In many cases, these deposits will be made electronically, up to 48 hours early! (Limited to ACH deposits). Who doesn’t like an early payday?

Simply provide your employer or other entity with your credit union member number, and our routing number: 211381754. 

Payroll Allocation: If you work for MIT, Whitehead Institute or Draper Lab, you can also sign up for Payroll Allocation to have loan payments and savings deposits deducted automatically from your paycheck and deposited towards those specific savings or loan accounts.

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