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Recent Scams and Fraud Alerts

What are the risks associated with mobile device apps?
Applications (apps) on your smartphone or other mobile devices can be convenient tools to access the news, get directions, pick up a ride share, or play games. But these tools can also put your privacy at risk. Click here for a helpful article from the CISA and learn more about how you can avoid malicious apps and limit the information apps collect about.

Pandemic Related Scams are on the Rise
From malware-laden emails to fake donations, to scammers looking to take advantage of people waiting for stimulus checks, you need to be aware of scammers taking advantage during the current public health crisis.

Read more about coronavirus scams here.

There has also been a surge in criminal activity on mobile channels - from misinformation spread through chat groups, to malicious fake coronavirus tracking apps that can take control of your phone, and phony government relief scam texts. The following PDF infographic outlines some some of the types of scams you should be on the lookout for: Coronavirus Mobile Scam Alert 

  • Just remember, be cautious and...
  • Never click on links from texts or emails you weren’t expecting.
  • Be wary of anything that triggers your emotions, good or bad.
  • Avoid clicking on links in WhatsApp or other channels.
  • Only trust reputable sources and if in doubt, verify.
  • The more educated we all are, the more aware you'll be if you happen to come across a scam or attempt of someone trying to steal your identity, finances, or other personal information.

Stay on top of all the recent scams reported to the FTC here.

Other Resources
Articles are available for you to read in greater detail and perform a search to find out any specific information you may be looking for. Click the article links below to learn more.

Fraud and Scams

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