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Ways to Pocket Some Extra Cash

Authored By: James Falkenstrom on 9/11/2023

Ways to Pocket Some Extra Cash

  1. Turn a hobby into a part-time online “business”: the Facebook marketplace is an excellent platform for selling larger items that require pick-up/delivery. eBay and similar platforms (Mercari, Etsy, DePop, etc.) are the places to sell smaller, shippable items. Many people have success selling the following items on the above platforms:
    • Refurbished furniture
    • Handmade clothing and accessories for children (winter hats and gloves, slippers, etc.)
    • Handmade stuffed animals and wood-crafted toys
  2. Take an inventory of items around your home or apartment and identify unused or seldom-used items of value. Items that resell well include trading cards and similar collectibles, designer clothing and accessories, sports and entertainment memorabilia, athletic equipment, and electronics. I’ve had personal success with all five categories! Some brick-and-mortar establishments offer cash in exchange for items, but sellers will generally do better using services like eBay. eBay allows buyers to grade sellers on accurate description, reasonable shipping cost, shipping speed, and communication; sellers that perform well in each of these four areas generally receive more “clicks,” execute more sales and experience greater overall profitability.
  3. Profit from your passion: Are you a former athlete or even a passionate fan of a particular sport? Become a sports official and make money while participating in the games you love. Locally, state-certified baseball umpires earn an average of $75/game – usually cash on the day of the game! Certain coaching positions also pay; most high school coaches and coaches of elite “travel teams” will earn seasonal stipends. In one Massachusetts community, high school head coaches earn anywhere from $2,143 to $5,488 per season.
  4. Additional ideas:
    • Take spare change to a “coins for cash” kiosk.
    • Drive for a rideshare app.
    • Get a part-time, remote, evening or weekend job scoring tests, grading papers, or functioning as an online learning tutor (certain educational requirements apply)
    • Write freelance
    • Sell photography
    • Help out a friend with a small business on a seasonal (holiday help!) or part-time basis.
    • Websites like “Angi” offer tradespersons seeking extra work a platform to find jobs in landscaping, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, roofing, and carpentry.
    • “” is a similar platform – but more for social services. Child care, senior care, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping opportunities are posted on this online platform; some jobs require a few hours, and others are more ongoing – even permanent.

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