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No matter what improvements you’re tackling, an MIT FCU HELOC can help fund it.

When all of those spring projects on your to-do list end up being a bit more than you bargained for, it can feel a bit daunting. If you find yourself needing a little extra nudge to get those heavy-duty projects done, a HELOC can help lighten the load. We offer flexible and affordable options so you can get the work done.

Heavy Duty Solutions for Heavy-Duty Jobs Like:

•    Lawn equipment and care
•    Pool liners and maintenance
•    Creating outdoor entertainment spaces 
•    And so much more!

HELOC's help get the job done by:

•    Drawing on the funds over time, not all at once
•    Pay only on the amount you borrow, not the entire line
•    Utilizing your home’s equity to pay for those repairs

Wondering if a HELOC from MIT FCU is right for you? We can help you get started! 
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Already know what your budget and needs are? Our online application is a breeze, and we’ll notify you in as little as 15 minutes if you’re approved.
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Let’s Get the Job Done Together. Apply for an MIT FCU HELOC today and get started on those outdoor projects tomorrow!

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