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Comparing Meal Plan Memberships

Authored By: Lonna Battles on 1/4/2022

Comparing Meal Plan Memberships – Don’t Break the Bank

It’s that time of the year when you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and now you need to set yourself up for success. One of the ways you can do that is by eating healthy without breaking the bank. Following is a review a few of the popular meal plan delivery services that are out there. With options for numerous dietary needs, there seems to be something for everyone.

So, what is a meal kit delivery service?

A Meal Kit Delivery Service is basically a subscription service whereby a company sends you a box of measured ingredients and instructions to create the meal. It leaves very little room for error and the measurement and prep for you are done for you. There are also services that provided prepared meals and all you need to do is put them in the oven or microwave.

Before choosing a meal service you should preview the menu options, the pricing, and check out the photos of what you will be receiving. It’s similar to seeking out a restaurant that appeals to you.

Below is an outline of just a few of the literally dozens of programs available:

Blue Apron –choose from three options: Signature, Wellness, or Vegetarian. You also choose the number of people and the number of recipes per week. Health conscious options are provided and they take pride in offering fresh, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat, and produce fresh from the farm. Everything comes precut and premeasured along with calorie count. In addition, Blue Apron has an online market where you can shop for kitchen tools and a Blue Ribbon Wine program!

Hello Fresh – Provides a selection of more than 50 weekly market items. Diet preferences include meat & veggies, veggie, family friendly, fit and wholesome, quick and easy, and pescatarian. The ingredients are all pre-measured and come with recipe cards. Meals are usually on the table within 30 minutes. Choose from a flexible plan and the ability to cancel anytime.

Green Chef – Choose from three meal options which include Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered. The Keto option provide high protein recipes. You have the option of choosing up to 6 people with three or four meals per week. All of the ingredients are organic and packed in eco-friendly packaging. They make it easy to skip a week in advance or cancel at any time.

Sunbasket - Provides organic fresh produce and clean ingredients. They also provide quick recipes designed for a busy home. You have the option of purchasing meal kits which are ready in 15-40 minutes or the Fresh and Ready option in which your meal is ready as little as 4 minutes – with the aid of an oven or microwave. They also accommodate a wide range of lifestyles including Paleo, Gluten-Free, Diabetes-Friendly, and Pescatarian. In total Sunbasket has 10 plans.

Freshly – Meals are cooked by chefs and delivered ready to eat in as little as 3 minutes. They provide anywhere from 4-12 meals per week. They also offer options such as gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and low-calorie meals. You are able to pick your meals every week with a variety of 50+ options.

In Conclusion:

I’ve discovered in my research of meal plans that a majority of them seem to have options to cater to a particular lifestyle, whether it be gluten free, low calorie, organic, pescatarian, vegetarian, etc. They all seem to provide flexibility with ordering and taking a week off in between along with the option to cancel at anytime. The price for individual meals varies depending on the number of meals you order per week. I was able to view pricing for as little as $5.99/meal to $11.79/meal. But again, this varies on the package you order and the service you use.

Maybe it’s time to revisit your weekly grocery bill and see how much you are spending to prepare meals. It may be worth checking out a delivery service!


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