Now Live: Money Management

New Year, New Tools, and a Fresh New Look!

We're excited to announce Money Management is now live.

We know money management is important to our members. See how easy managing your finances can be.

Money Management allows you to see all your accounts, from any financial institution, in one place. See how much you're spending and on what, with graphs and charts, plus set alerts, goals and budgets to keep your finances on track.

You'll also notice eBranch is now responsive. Whether you visit on your smart phone, your tablet, or a desktop computer, you'll have access to the full site and transactions.


New Features in Money Management

  • Improved budget, debt & savings goal capabilities
  • Research and set financial goals for debt payoffs, savings & retirement, and even view trends
  • Both email and text alerts to stay in touch with your finances on the go
  • Aggregate all your account and transactions (even from other institutions) for a one-stop finance shop 





Current FinanceWorks Users

Click here to learn what will change and what will stay the same when FinanceWorks is upgraded to Money Management as well as suggestions for how to best prepare for the upgrade.