Enhanced Fraud Alerts

Debit card fraud notifications are even better now!

You may be asking yourself what that means. It’s simple, whenever “suspicious” transactions outside of your normal spending pattern or geographic location occur, you’ll receive a real-time text alert immediately, asking you to confirm that the transaction is valid. At that point you’ll be able to confirm it’s you and continue with your transaction. If you don’t respond, we’ll try other ways to confirm including email and even a phone call if the transaction seems out of line. If we get no response, the transaction will be declined

Our enhanced system adds another layer of security to your debit card, protecting your account and your money.

We take our members' financial security seriously. That's why MIT Federal Credit Union has added this extra line of defense to safeguard your accounts.

The image below shows how a text alert might appear on your mobile phone.


For questions or concerns, please call to speak with one of our Contact Center Representatives. They may be reached at 617-253-2845