Financially Empowered Women (F.E.W)

Considering that in our community we’re surrounded by tech savvy professionals, high paying jobs and the best and the brightest when it comes to innovation, it’s interesting to note that in spite of this, many individuals are lacking a solid foundation when it comes to financial literacy. Women in particular, although they are usually the financial decision makers of any household, can many times just not have the exposure to financial decision making do’s and don’ts. Things like budgeting, planning for the future, and saving for emergencies or life’s big events is not only something we’re unsure of, but in many cases we’re not even sure where to start.

At MIT Federal Credit Union we understand the need for a relaxed, open, financially focused space to learn, share, and ask questions. No judgement, no pressure, and plenty of plain “put-the-facts-on-the-table” discussion so you can get the answers you need, and some support in deciding what next steps could be. But time is precious and having some fun along the way is also important. That’s why we’ve joined with Society of Grownups and a variety of experts in things like cooking, wine-tasting, art, and more to allow you an evening out with friends, to discuss important stuff in a relaxed setting. From budgeting to retirement, college savings for kids, and being prepared for unexpected, our sessions will give you an opportunity to reflect, ask questions, and have fun.

Watch for upcoming sessions throughout 2017!

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Calendar of Events

Watch for upcoming sessions beginning again in September 2017.



A Mindful Approach to Debt & Credit - Don't Stress It!

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Too Much is Never Enough: How to Make the Most of Extra...Money, Food & Everything Else.


For anyone interested in the Miso Butterscotch Dipping Sauce we had at this event, please see below for the recipe.

Miso Butterscotch Dipping Sauce

Makes 1+ quart

  • 1/2 C Dark Miso (adjust amount to taste based on salt content)
  • 3-1/2 C Brown Sugar
  • 1 lb Butter
  • 1 C Water

Heat through all ingredients in a medium pan until sugar is dissolved then allow to bowl for about 10 minutes, stirring throughout. Let cool and you'll have a wonderful dip for apples, pears, and other fruits! Or a great sauce for ice cream.

Rich was recently featured in an article in Serious Eats, check it out!



Our first seminar Finding Time, Finding Money - The Fundamentals of Food, Fun and Finance: