Updated 6/8/20: Our Lincoln Laboratory and Student Center branches remain closed. Our Tech Square branch is open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Appointments are encouraged. Please call 617-253-2845 for an appointment. Please visit MITFCU.ORG/COVID19Support for more information.

FRAUD ALERT: Fraudsters have been sending out counterfeit cashier’s checks and money orders appearing to be issued by MIT Federal Credit Union. If you received one of these checks in payment for services as a mystery shopper, please do not cash or deposit, and do not send money to the company sending the check! Read more here.


"With e-Statements, account statements are available via the security of MITFCU's e-Branch online banking portal. This free, convenient service streamlines your record-keeping. 

  • Access up to three years of your past statements 
  • Receive email notification when your statement is available 
  • Statements are protected within e-Branch, a 128-bit SSL Secure site
  • Save statements to your computer for tax season
  • View front and back copies of your check with the option to print them
  • Read more details in MITFCU's e-Statements Agreement

How to Register for e-Statements 

  1. Access your account through e-Branch
  2. Click on the "Additional Services" tab, then click "e-Statements" and follow the instructions
  3. Don't forget to "accept" when the confirmation email is sent.
  4. If you forgot your e-Branch PIN, call us at 617.253.2845 or email mitfcu@mit.edu.

Utilizing e-Statements saves you time and money while providing enhanced security for sensitive information contained within your monthly statements.

  • No more misplaced statements 
  • More secure than receiving paper statements in the mail 
  • Access your statements anytime
  • No need for storage space and paper organization 
  • Environmentally friendly and free to use