Online Banking

e-Branch (Online Banking)

Get a higher degree of accessibility to your money through e-Branch, with access to all of the features listed below. 

  • Simplifies money management 
  • Conduct transactions anytime
  • Monitor account activity and track history

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Electronic statements provide a greater degree of security and convenience by eliminating paper statements sent through the postal mail.

  • Faster delivery than paper
  • Easy access for tax purposes
  • Emails notify you of new statements

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The most efficient bill-paying method is housed within e-Branch, allowing you to manage all your bills in a central location.

  • Never miss a due date
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Track, sort, and organize quickly

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Deposit paper checks whenever it's convenient, using our Mobile App or your desktop scanner.

  • A few clicks deposits checks automatically
  • Download our app for free
  • Perform tasks on your schedule

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Capture your complete picture of financial activity involving your MITFCU accounts and any accounts with more than 16,000 financial institutions and creditors.

  • Monitor spending within a budget
  • Track all bill-pay activity
  • Project your future balances

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Move money quickly and securely between your MITFCU and non-MITFCU accounts with just a few clicks.

  • Pay individuals electronically
  • View transaction status and history
  • Track and sort activity

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Send and receive domestic or international wire transfers easily through MITFCU.

  • Simple forms for sending wires
  • Convenient online process
  • Incoming wires are free 

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Free online payroll services transfer all or some of your paycheck toward specific accounts and debt obligations.

  • Direct deposit into checking
  • Payroll allocation for loans for some members
  • ACH for vendor payments

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