Mobile Banking

Mobile Apps

Your smartphone becomes an extension of an MITFCU branch by enabling you to manage your money anywhere, quickly and easily.

  • Download for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Quickly take care of financial tasks
  • Deposit checks remotely 

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Wallet Pay (Apple, Samsung, Google and More)

Now you can use your smart device to make purchases in a simple, secure, and private way. With Apple Pay you can use both debit and credit cards. With Samsung and Google Pay, your debit card will work. Simply download the app to get started.

  • An easier way to pay
  • Setup is simple
  • You can start making purchases today

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Text Banking

Text Banking offers another alternative to in-branch banking for busy members who want more convenience.
  • Text short commands for account info
  • Quick and free to use 
  • Transfer funds securely

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Mobile POP Money

Just download the MIT FCU mobile app and access POP Money. Send, request and receive money from just about anyone with an email or mobile phone.

  • Simple, safe, and secure
  • Works even with someone who isn't a POP Money user
  • Send, request, and receive money with just a few clicks

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My Mobile Money

Take control of how your debit card is used, right from your phone!

  • Immediate activation and deactivation
  • Control where and how your card is used
  • Set spending limits and alerts for purchases or suspected fraudulent activity

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